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Best Spur Gear stores?

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    Mcmaster carr's gears are a bit too wide for my design.

    I need a pair of gears to have a ratio of .31, that is around .7" to 2.38"

    The widths for the gears can not be any larger than .5" and ideally even less, at Mcmaster Carr they are about 1"

    Have to be made of steel.

    Cannot be any larger than 2.4" outside diameter.
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    Boston Gear used to offer a variety of spur gears. Not sure now, but might be worth checking.
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    Give Stock Drive Products a try.

    http://www.sdp-si.com/index.asp [Broken]
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    Wow, thank you very much man, they have a very nice wide selection that I have never seen before. I'm sure I will find it here.

    Now to just calculate the failure because I need my gears to survive a simple load of 300lbs. I am building a type of vice to break small samples of metal, quite opposite of what a vice does.
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