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Best Thing Science Has Ever Done

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    I've only just seen this YouTube rap video from CERN. I think it's absolutely brilliant, being wonderfully informative as well. I couldn't help myself from noticing a tiny inconsistency though. (Sorry for being such a boff)

    Source: 2006 paper General Theory of Relativity: Will it survive the next decade?
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    So, gravity waves have been directly confirmed? That is news to me, as well.I've been following LIGO, but haven't checked in lately. Last I heard, there were still no definitive results.
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    So have I actually. Laser Inteferometer Gravitational wave Observatory. There are two facilities built, each having state of the art mirror/laser/lense technology with shock abosorbing components so only gravity waves are measured (through the distortion of space-time).

    I had no idea gravity waves have been detected. Thats pretty interesting news!
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    I like the rap!
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    It's great isn't it.
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