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Best tools for geometry?

  1. Mar 31, 2014 #1
    What are great compass, protractor and ruler brands for geometry? I want to learn geometry properly and I need to invest in some tools. Price is not an issue if the tools will last many years
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    Simon Bridge

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    Oh well, they would be my tools right here and I'll sell them to you for an easy million :D

    You don't need high precision tools unless you want to become a draftsman - and these days they use computers.

    To learn geometry, you just need a compass and a straight edge - and they don't need to be fancy.
    You can even make them yourself.

    The cheap clear plastic rulers you get in a supermarket are excellent.
    They probably sell several types of compass too.
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    You can find very nice Keuffel & Esser compass and drafting sets on eBay for no more than you'd spend to buy a new set of Alvin drafting tools and the quality of the K&E items is generally superior to the modern items. There's nothing like the tactile feedback of using a well engineered compass while exploring geometric constructions.
  5. Apr 1, 2014 #4
    Little worried about the rust on these lol. If they show rust how do I get them into pristine condition?

    I was looking at the Alvin compass. Anyngood.? It's the one listed for 25 dollars on amazon.

    What are quality rulers? 45 triangles and protractors?
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    I have bought a set for $18 that had no rust at all. I also have an Alvin set and the workmanship and materials are not in the same league as the K&E sets from yester-year. As for other tools you can find them on eBay as well. Since the dominance of computer drafting the market for quality drafting tools has dried up and it is somewhat a curiosity to acquire old tools.
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