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Best US physics schools

  1. Sep 28, 2003 #1

    what is the best physics schools(both theoretical and aplied physics)in the united states.

    I'm planning to study physics in the united states,I need a list of 7 universities at least and I thought you guys the best who can help, and any input will be appreciated.
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    Strongest Professional Master's Programs
    in Physics Departments
    http://www.phys.appstate.edu/gradprog/rc2.htm [Broken]
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    sorry for being late,,, but is it the same with undergraduats??
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    One of the best Physics progranms for 13-16 (Undergrad) is Colby College in Maine.
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    thank you very much evryone

    can any body help me to make ths list shorter.is there any other good schools for undergarduate physics study???
    what exactly I'm looking for is a good teachers,laps and research activiteis...

    Harvard University
    Yale University
    Princeton University
    Stanford University
    Columbia University
    The University Of Chicago
    The Johns Hopkins University
    The University Of Pennsylvania
    The Massachusetts Intitute Of Technology (MIT)
    Cornell University
    Colby College
    Duke University
    The University Of California-Berkeley
    The University Of Michigan-Ann Arbor
    The University Of Wisconson at Madison
    The University Of Virginia
    Brown University
    Dartmouth College
    Northwestern University
    Rice University
    The University Of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
    The University Of Texas-Austin
    Georgetown University
    Vanderbilt University
    The University Of Illinois Of Urbana-Champaign
    Emory University
    New York University
    Tulane University
    The University Of Washington
    Ohio State University
    Indiana University
    Purdue University
    The University Of Minnesota (Twin Cities)
    The University Of Missouri
    The University Of Iowa
    Michigan State University
    The University Of California- Los Angeles (UCLA)
    Washington University- St. Louis
    The University Of Southern California
    The University Of Colorado
    The American University-Washington
    George Washington University
    Syriacuse University
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  7. Oct 7, 2003 #6
    If that's what you're looking for, California Institute of Technology is definitely a great choice. It's a small institute situated in Pasadena, California (1/50 size of Stanford), but has got great learning facilities and I think it has published the most paper in 2003 in USA.

    P.S. Kip Thorne teaches there as well. (Richard Feynman used to... )
  8. Oct 9, 2003 #7
    Princeton? Stanford? They have a pretty good reputation...
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