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Best way to create DC HV of millions of volts

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    i need to create a source of several hundred thousand volts DC or greater, what would be the best approach to do this in DC?
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    What are the output specs? How much current & power? Who you gonna zap?! :eek:
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    tis okay, problem sorted, thanks though, using voltage multiplier & HV power source, need as much current as possible you see & turning AC to DC at HV is difficult, & friction based systems seem inefficient-not zapping anyone except myself maybe, just for charging capacitors, am intereted in these 'crazy' gravitomagnetic experiments
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    Try building a multi wimhurst disk set ran by a little 4 stroke RC engine used in model airplanes. .049 cu. in. to 1.2 cu. in. (80cc to 20cc)

    You can increase the RPMs of the Wimhurst disks by attaching an RC transmission to the engine.

    Build the Wimhurst disks from round and balanced PC Board and setup the Wimhursts with thin stainless steel plates glued on by industrial epoxy, You can use the RC's Magneto to charge the Wimhurst plates to generate your charge potentials alone with any additional circuitries.

    Must be very balanced and is rather noisy.

    Electric motor driven Wimhurst disks is another option.

    Pellettrons are another good source of High voltage DC.

    This is the only advice I have to offer.
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