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Best Way To Create Pressure Inside A Container

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    What is the most efficient and effective way to create huge, steady amounts of pressure inside a container: simply having a compressed gas tank, and hooking it up to the container, or making a combustion reaction occur inside the container?
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    What do u mean by steady? And what do u plan to do with it? If i understand right, then just get a compressed gas tank. If the size and shape of the container doesnt matter, then simply get a CO2 cartrige from some paintball gun store, or some sports store. I dont sugest doing a combustion reaction inside a container...definitly dont do that.
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    Well I know how I could do it, I'm just wondering which would require the smallest amount of gas: Using a compressed gas such as CO2 or N2; or simply making a combustion reaction with probably hydrogen. By steadiest I mean which method would maintain a pressure X inside a container while using the smallest amount of gas possible.
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    Using a combustion with hydrogen is no a very good way to create high pressure. When you burn the hydrogen it will give off enegy because its an exothermic reaction, that will create very high pressure but only for a very small amount of time. Right after the explosion, you willl only have water, because H2 + O2 -->> H2O (not balanced). So, bascily you have water vapor in the container, which quickly condenses and becomes liquid...pretty much decreasing the pressure. In terms of "smallest amount", there can be many ways to think of this. One is the volume of the gas at that temperature and pressure. Another is the mass of the gas. Hydrogen is the lightest, its only 1g/mole, N2 is in the middle with 28 g/mole, and CO2 is the heaviest with 44 g/mole. Dont do the hydrogen...i think the easiest way is to use compresed CO2, its cheapest and easiest way. If u have any douts about how much you need or how much volume it will occupy and stuff like that, just use the ideal gas law, PV = nRT. If you need help with anything, just let me know.
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