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Best way to gather things on the floor?

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    I was thinking what ways can we gather small foam objects ( 3 in x 3 in ) off the floor...

    Claws? Vaccume? Claws can open and close... vacume just sucks... but is hard.
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    How about a sweeping brush?
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    that's a good idea.. but it needs to be able to catch the items in its palms as well, not just moving them.
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    How about a box with a one-way door on the front? Put wheels at the corners of the box with a flaper door(like a doggie door, but yours should only open inward hinged at the top) on the front of the device. You'd be able to move in all directions and the balls would simply collect inside of the box.
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    Flypaper :smile:
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    Or a combination vacuum and air flow, a partially open air circulator.

    One has a fan that draws air (vacuum / suction side) to collect pieces, and a discharges air through a header (or headers) that gently blows the pieces toward the vacuum. Put vucuum overhead and blowing headers to the sides.
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    nice idea on the one way door,

    and what exactly is an airflow effect in this case? could you ellaborate please?
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