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Best way to lean Calculus on your own

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    Hi, I will be going into college this Fall, and am wondering a good way to get a little ahead of everything by learning some calculus early. I have taken precalculus, but that was my junior year in college, and haven't had math since. I was put in precalculus first semester because of this, but i really want to take calculus because it applies for my major (Electrical Engineering). I have borrowed a text book from a friend who goes to the college Im going to to see if i can learn some that way. Are there any good basic tutorial like sites that can teach me remedial to advanced calculus well?
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    First off, remember if you ever get stuck somewhere, be sure to ask on these forums. This place is filled with some brilliant people that are always willing to help out, but they won't do the work for you. We will just show you how to do it and try to explain it better.

    As for some websites that will help you learn Calculus, here are a few of my bookmarks that pertain to Calculus:

    The Calculus Page
    Calculus Problems & Solutions
    Online Mathematics Lecture Notes, Textbooks, & Tutorials (check out the calculus ones)
    MathWorld (probably the best mathematics related site; after this one of course :smile:)
    Mathematics Library
    Planet Math

    Hope those links help you out in someway.
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