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Homework Help: Best way to learn Physics on own?

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    Ya see I'm a sophmore in HS and I can't learn physics for two more years. But, at the same time I am in a Science Reasearch class where we do actual research and I would like to study Cosmology. And I was wondering what the best way to learn Physics by myself is.
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    Don't skimp on the math!!
    If you want to learn physics beyond your age level, you must also be willing to learn the requisite math that goes along with it.
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    I would buy a book and do TONS of practice problems. Also, you need to probably get extra help if those answers do not come out correct. I as well want to study Cosmology. I'm a Senior and plan to major in Physics and Astronomy. What I did was take AP Physics B in my Junior year and then AP Physics C in my senior year. You should consider doing that too. To prep for Physics, get a sudy book and do lots of problems until you really understand the concepts

    Good luck
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    Ardlino- Have I ever been finding that out

    urban- They don't let ne go into AP physics that early? Hmph!
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    Use physics resources on the Internet. There are tons of them, and I think there may be some links here on the forums somewhere.
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    As arildno stated: don't skip the math.

    For general physics you will need to be very fluent in vector operations, trigonometry, and the calculus (if you wish to see derivations for anything or have any sort of understanding of general physics).

    I would actually suggest that you spend a great more deal of time over the next years learning the math prerequisites for physics. As you can see, there are quite a few.

    I can tell you that a HS physics course will be nowhere near as interesting or as concise as a college-level Calculus-based general physics course. If you practice the math, the HS physics course will be a joke - literally. The most you do in a HS physics course is projectile motion, and maybe, maybe, Newton's laws. Overall, this material covers about one-fourth of the material covered in a Calculus-based general physics course. Keep in mind the HS course will offer no derivations to any equations or principles - this requires the use of the calculus.
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    does AP Physics B use calculus or algebra? coz im a sophomore doing general physics this year and its really easy... was wondering if i could take AP physics b next year without knowing much of calculus ( as i'll be doing pre calclus next year )

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    You don't need calculus in AP Physics B.
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    oh awrite.. is it algebra based then? coz i thought that the AP courses were calculus based.. damn :(

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