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Best Way to learn physics?

  1. Jun 12, 2012 #1
    Best Way to learn physics?!?

    I have taken honors physics and AP physics in high school (although we didn't do much in AP) and Calc 1. Most of physics really interests me. I'd love to learn quatum physics (I'm reading a book on it) but I know there is a lot of math to learn first. So what's the best way to learn as much physics as I can?

    Currently I'm enrolled to major in Mechanical Engineering but I kinda wanna dual major with Physics.

    Pretty much just tell me or any general person how to learn physics. Preferably for free.

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    Re: Best Way to learn physics?!?

    As good ol' Einstein once said, "physics is just a refinement of everyday thinking". So be sure to get out there in the world and just experience it. :) Developing intuition is vital. Quantum isn't too bad once you've got the linguistic tools of calculus and linear algebra under your belt. Also, I'd say you have a good choice in majors as far as future employment is concerned. Majoring in just physics is something I wouldn't suggest to anyone who isn't interested in academia or teaching. I had to learn that the hard way.
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    Re: Best Way to learn physics?!?

    The part of the question where it says "preferably for free" made me think: Use the books at the library.
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