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Best ways to

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    I was wondering about the best ways to levitate a 2500 Kg ~ 5000 Pounds object at aproximately 1 ~ 2 meters from the ground by the means of high speed fans strategicly located beneath the respective object.

    how can I calculate the amount of energy that I need and discover the best configuration for the maximum durability and smallest energy comsuption possible?
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    look into magnets
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    The problem cannot be answered without a great deal more information.

    If the object were used as the piston in a airtight chamber, you'd only need to use an air pump to create or maintain air pressure under the object. If your system were entirely air-tight, it would require no work at all, after the initial pressurization.

    On the other hand, if the object is in free air, with fans under it, then the aerodynamics of the object become exceedingly important. If most of the air just ends up "blowing around" the object, rather than actually imparting force on the object, then you'll need enormous fans.

    My advice would be to construct some accurate scale models, and do your fluid dynamics experiments with that.

    - Warren
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