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Best web broswer

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    Hi guys I am here new & i want to know how can i increase my interest speed, by using which we can increase my internet speed. Which browser is better in getting most of the advantage of it
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    Personally, I used Google Chrome. Simple layout, easy to use, and quite fast.
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    Chrome also has a kind of "look ahead" functionality, which tries to predict where you are going to go next and starts downloading those resources in the background, meaning that pages load faster.
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    I use Chrome. It has surpassed both FireFox and IE as most common browser used on PF.
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    If you want to browse fast, then you have to close unnecessary programs in your PC. And also Keep this while downloading. Use latest web browsers. According to me Firefox is best to browse. It is better than other browsers. Update latest version of Antivirus and clean your PC. Install Download Accelerator in your PC. It is a program and it helps to increase the download speed. And check your internet speed through http://www.scanmyspeed.com/ . It will be helpful to you.
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    Use Chrome and don't download any add-ons. Chrome is very sleek and trim, so the overhead is low, and response is as fast as you could hope for on a Windows-based system. I have used IE (Yech!) and FF (Huh?), but Chrome is the only browser that is consistent enough to let me stay logged on to Flash-based Chat without getting kicked out over and over due to getting throttled on this dicey ADSL connection.
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    I like Chrome, but still worry about some of the privacy issues. I use Iron instead. It is essentially Chrome (just as fast, same layout etc) without all the snooping that google does on you.

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    Google knows what you are doing either way unless you surf without JS, trust me.
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    I use Google chrome as its browsing speed is faster than other browsers. We can also speed up our internet speed by updating our computer software’s and antivirus regularly.
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    Not sure I agree with that, Chrome consumes huge amounts of memory because each tab is treated as a separate process... but I do agree it "feels" faster.
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    chrome is my favorite:

    love it's cute pdf viewer that always fails (and makes me load adobe in tab instead, and lets me set adobe to default, but never actually defaults it)

    love google shops worthless apps, especially the python command line. Worthless.

    love download icon filling up

    love simplicity and parser in address bar

    love the page-loading speed (I don't load up 100's of tabs like some data horders I know)

    love the way it has like 50 processes running in my task bar

    love big brother looking out for me
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