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Best wishes for The World Year of Physics 2005!

  1. Dec 31, 2004 #1
    Happy New Year! Best wishes for The World Year of Physics 2005!
    It is a year for all physics learners and lovers!
    Do you have some wishes and plans in the Year of Physics? You can speak out here.
    And I’ll go first.
    1. I want to learn more advanced physics and more complicated mathematics, such as QM, E&M etc and GROUP THEORY, REAL AND ABSTRACT ANALYSIS, foundations of DIFFERENTIAL GEOMETRY by myself. It would be a great challenge to me.
    2. I yearn to communicate with physicists, physics learners all over the world.
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    WYP is here

    im very hgappy that in the new century egypt my country is participating in this fistivity with a symposium held in the library of alexandria biblotheca alexandrina at june 2005 honoured by stephan hawking
    roger penrose and paul davis and another dozen of physics nibel lariates

    my wishes are to start learning QM and QCD and QED mathimatically
    also id like to dig deeper into general relativity
    also id like to continue meeting physics enthuasits from all over the world because if one man plus one man is two men
    ome man's thoughts plus another man's thoughts are ten men's thoughts
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    Happy birthday, SR!

    [/moment of silence...]
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    Ivan Seeking

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    From what frame of reference?
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    You're at the right place then.
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