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Beta Distribution Question

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    I have is a distribution that is U-shaped, centered at 0, spanning from -A to A, and I want a means to model this, a beta distribution is the closest thing I have found to kinda do this

    can the beta distribution be adjusted to range from -A to A as opposed to 0 to 1? any other suggestions as to distributions to use?
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    You're going to need to post more details.
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    The probability density function of a sin wave is a U shaped distribution, lets say from -A to A, where A is the amplitude of the sin wave. The beta distribution is the closest thing to a U shaped distribution I have found when the parameters alpha and beta are less than 1. I have found a way to adjust the range of the beta distribution

    however, what I want to know are there any other PDF distributions that generate a U shaped plot. Beta is the only one I have found so far, wasnt sure if there was an obscure one out there under my nose
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    Essentially, X~Uniform(domain) so you want to find the distribution of f(X). I can't help you anymore unless you give more information.
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