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Beta Field Theory

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    Thompson Scattering is photon scattering from a Beta Particle Surface.

    Beta particle mass is a fundamental nuclear particle with a beta-wave orbital energy field. The Beta nuclear particle has volume.

    Classical Beta Radius:
    [tex]r_e = \frac{ \hbar \alpha}{M_e c}[/tex]
    [tex]r_e = 2.817E-15 m[/tex]

    The wavelength of the beta-wave orbital energy field is equal to the Compton Wavelength(Wave-Bar) and is NOT the Beta Nuclear Radius.
    W_c = 3.861*10^-13 m

    The beta-wave orbital energy field has zero mass and is composed of pure electromagnetic field energy and has volume.

    Measured Beta Thompson Scattering Cross Section:
    [tex]\sigma_e = 6.652E-29 m^2[/tex]

    Classical Thompson Scattering Cross Section: (Circle)
    [tex]\sigma_e = \pi r_e^2[/tex]
    [tex]\sigma_e = \pi \left( \frac{ \hbar \alpha}{M_e c} \right)^2[/tex]
    [tex]\sigma_e = 2.494E-29 m^2[/tex]

    Classical Thompson Scattering Cross Section: (Ellipse)
    [tex]r_a \geq r_b[/tex]
    [tex]\sigma_e = \pi r_a r_b[/tex]
    [tex]\sigma_e = \pi \left( \frac{ \hbar \alpha}{M_e c} \right) r_a[/tex]
    [tex]r_a = \frac{ \sigma_e}{\pi r_e}[/tex]
    [tex]r_a = \frac{ \sigma_e M_e c}{ \pi \hbar \alpha}[/tex]
    [tex]r_a = 7.514E-15 m[/tex]
    [tex]r_b = 2.817E-15 m[/tex]

    Beta Surface Eccentricity:
    [tex]e_e = \frac{ \sqrt{r_a^2 - r_b^2}}{r_a}[/tex]
    [tex]e_e = 0.927[/tex]

    Beta Foci Radii:
    [tex]r_c = e_e r_a[/tex]
    [tex]r_c = 6.965E-15 m[/tex]

    Semi-Classical Beta Nuclear Radius:
    [tex]r_\beta = r_0 A_\beta^.(1/3)[/tex]
    [tex]r_\beta = r_0 \left(M_e N_a \right)^.(1/3)[/tex]
    [tex]r_\beta = 9.823E-17 m[/tex]

    r_0 = 1.2E-15 m
    N_a = Avagadro's Number

    Semi-Classical Beta Nuclear Radius has been confirmed via Hard Beta Nuclear Scattering.

    The Beta Nucleus is composed of three Anti-Rishon Preons:

    Beta Nucleus is composed of three Anti-Rishon charges with three Colour Charges with a net White Colour Charge:
    (-1/3 + -1/3 + -1/3) = -1

    Colour Charges:
    (-R + -G + -B) = White
    (Anti-Red + Anti-Green + Anti-Blue)

    Semi-Classical Beta Nuclear Preon Radius:
    [tex]r_\Delta = r_0 \left( \frac{M_e N_a}{3} \right)^.(1/3)[/tex]
    [tex]r_\Delta = 6.811E-17 m[/tex]

    Preons have not been confirmed to exist.

    Preons cannot exist beyond a radius of [tex]r_\Delta[/tex]

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