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Bethe-Bloch formula for muons

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    I am currently carrying out a project to measure the mass of muons.
    I am doing this using an NaI scintillator, relevant electronics and data aquisition software to measure the energy of the decay electrons the the energy lost by muons travelling through the scintillator.
    However, i am having trouble fully understanding the Bethe-Bloch formula and how it helps me predict the energy lost in the scintillator by through-going muons. I understand each of the terms in the equation (although i don't know how to incorporate β as i do not know the velocity of the muons) but am not clear on what dE/dx actually tells me and how i can use this to find the energy lost by the muons. Is it as simple as integrating the expression?

    On a side not, i am struggling to find information on the ionisation potential of NaI.


    TL;DR - How do i use the Bethe-Bloch formula to find the total energy lost by muons travelling through an NaI scintillator?
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