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Better degree combo eng/math bs/ms or just math

  1. Sep 8, 2012 #1
    Hi, I posted this question for discussion before but without success, so I will try again. I am unsure of the undergrad route to pursue, mostly because of an ever unstable job market, as well as my indecision between engineer or teacher. I am currently an undergrad in mechanical engineering with math minor. Ultimately a teaching job at my local community college would be appealing due to hours, stress level, and good pay. But there is not a guarantee I will get in, or even be good at public speaking/teaching, although I am good at tutoring small groups.

    But my current plan at this point, mostly for it's backup reasons, are to get an undergrad in mech. eng. and then pursue a masters in mathematics, with the masters allowing me to teach at college level. I've had some second opinions and thoughts though of just doing a math undergrad and then math masters because it is faster, but I'm not sure if this is best strategy.

    I would like some advice regarding which is a better all around life decision, undergrad engineering with math masters, or math undergrad and masters? Thanks for all the help!
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