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Better explanation of physics

  1. Oct 21, 2009 #1
    I am new to this forum and I have heard theat there is a simpler explanation of physics and I am interested what is it.

    Thanks in advance
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  3. Oct 21, 2009 #2


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    Yeah, it goes like this: "Because God said so!" :smile:
  4. Oct 21, 2009 #3
    What area of physics and simpler than what?
  5. Oct 21, 2009 #4
    Funny, I immediately had the same idea as A.T.

    I personally believe in the end nothing can be easier than the mathematical equations. But for that you have be very good at maths. Reading popular physics book is kinda nice... like a fictional story... but it doesn't let you have your own thoughts about physics.
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    The word physics covers an extremely wide range of material, over 600 years of accumulated human knowledge about the physical world. You are going to need to be more specific. Asking for a simpler explanation of all of physics to be given in a forum post is a ridiculous request.

    What specifically, do you want explained in a simpler way?
  7. Oct 21, 2009 #6
    Perhaps your friends were talking about:

    "feynman lectures on physics" three volumes:biggrin:

    ┬┐do you remember that name?
  8. Oct 31, 2009 #7
    I am not sure but i think that it can be explained by energy.
  9. Oct 31, 2009 #8


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    This is far too vague to have any meaning, mark!

    1. WHAT explanation is it you think is redundant and over-complex?

    2. WHAT, in general terms, do you think migt replace it?
  10. Nov 2, 2009 #9
    He means E=mc^2?

    That was a joke on...erm... TV somewhere.
  11. Nov 2, 2009 #10
    Do you mean mechanics? Which can be explained with energy easier than newtons laws?
  12. Nov 15, 2009 #11
    If you are looking for a very proficient professor, look no further than Walter Lewin. He is from MIT and awesome at explaining physics. Check it out at ocw.mit.edu in the audio/video course sections. They are video lectures. If you just want an alternative way to understand it, rather than just finding a better teacher, I don't know what to say.
  13. Nov 15, 2009 #12


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    I think the original question is a bit like asking for a simple way to play the piano well. I just don't think there is one; it involves never ending brain ache.
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