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Better to study at university uk or usa

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    hi all ......
    i don't know if here ie the right forum to post my thread ....... but i am really confused and need help .....
    my question is : whare is better to study at university uk or usa , plz mention reasons
    hope get ur help as soon as possible
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    Well, first off, where are you from and what do you want to study?
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    i don't mean a specific study ..... i want to know which is better in general ???
    by the way i am from the arabian gulf ....
    and as for IT which is better ?????
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    no help ??????
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    There are excellent universities in both the US & the UK. At the college level, people start to specialize their studies, which is why Russ asked that question. Some schools are better than others in a particular subject (better teachers, more resources, better funding, better reputation, etc.). For general studies, the US & UK are probably fairly similar.
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    I would say the US, the UK, Germany, and many other countries in Europe would be great choices. I'd avoid Canada and some other nations like the plague, though.
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    thats just an ignorant and childish comment, ones views do not necesairely reflect the reality of things
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    Why? Because you don't agree with it? He asked for opinions, and I gave him mine.
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    what part of his post does he mention he wants opinions, he did say to mention reasons to your answer, therefore your post is totaly void
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    no specific answer yet !!!!
    thanx all
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    Avoid Canada's school system. LOL.

    If you like corporate owned schools, go to the US. If you like spending life paying back debts, go to the US.

    Everyone country has its ups and downs when it comes to the school system. The only thing that might make Canadian schools less competitive is because they AREN'T competitive. All the schools are practically forced to share everything. You can get books from any school, and they have to ship it to you even though you are only using it for 2 weeks. Also, no one kills each other for a football game either. If you are looking for a non-competitive friendly atmosphere, go to Canada.

    Anyways done with that.

    The first step is to choose what you would like to do. You must make that decision before choosing a school.

    What if you fell in love with Princeton, and then decided to become a business man. :grumpy:

    EDIT: Let's keep a school related conversation. If he asked for opinions, he asked for opinions about school systems and NOT countries.
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    Don't rely on others to make up your mind for you. Even a career adviser isn't going to give you the definitive answer, at least going on the info you have given. Think it through a bit more. Ask yourself a few questions e.g.

    What do you want to do with your degree i.e. how would you like things to be for you in 10 years time? Have you found out which is the best place to study at given your expected grades? Is it important to your long-term goals to have your degree from the US or UK? Why not closer to home?

    Where would you LIKE to study and live? Can you see yourself being happier in the UK or US? Do you have friends/relatives studying in the UK or US?

    Do some more research and try to keep your options open; if it is not obvious to you where the best place to study is, it probably means that there is no major differences.
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