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Bevel gear forces

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    Hi guys:

    so I was reading about this:


    after my friend told me this bevel gear he ordered for his project.

    so I would like to know, is the reason why there's thrust along the axle of both gears due to the "rotated" involute tooth (hence the pitch line)? why can't we just take the 2d involute profile, and extrude it along the connecting line (the line that resultant force is sitting on in this :

    http://www1.gantep.edu.tr/~kapucu/me302/Gear%20Forces.pdf [Broken] (page 5)

    , if we do that, wouldn't all contact surface between the tooth of the 2 gears be orthogonal to the face of the gears ? that way we wouldn't have to worry about thrust?

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