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Beware of the IM Trojan

  1. Feb 13, 2007 #1
    The trojan that attacks via open IM windows...
    http://computerworld.com/action/article.do?command=viewArticleBasic&articleId=9011146&intsrc=hm_list [Broken]

    I'm posting this here since more people are likely to read it here than the Computers forum.
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    That was your thousandth post :biggrin:
  4. Feb 13, 2007 #3
    No, it wasn't. This is GD. My 1000th was posted a day earlier. :)
  5. Feb 13, 2007 #4
    I just got my computer back after getting an IM trojan, the only way the people at the computer place could get rid of it was by completely wiping my hard drive. DONT LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!!! haha
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