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Beyond Belief Science talking about religion

  1. Jan 18, 2008 #1
    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=275693092937060684&q=Beyond+Belief+2006&total=207&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=2 [Broken]

    Great lecture talk on science and the belief in religion. There are lots more on the right window. I have lots more videos on these topics Ive been watching over winter break. (At least 30 hours of video, so I can keep you glued to your monitor if you like this stuff).
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    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2981686806126187170 [Broken]

    Another damn interesting, but not religious video.
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    Thanks, Cyrus. I watched about 15 minutes of it -- all I could fit in on my lunch break -- and will watch the rest tonight. I love this subject.
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    I very much liked those videos, especially the ones with V.S. Ramachandran, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, Michael Shermer and a few more.

    John Allen Paulos, for instance, has come out with a new book (Irreligion), which he talks about. The first chapter can be read here.

    That would be physically impossible - it is like 40+ hours :biggrin:
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    Great, many of the points brought up are thoughts I've had but could never word as well.
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    Hey Moridin, I have been watching a ton of Sam Harris on you tube. He has wonderful talks and debates. Also Hitchens and Dawkins. Every day I watch about 5-6 hours of talks and write down notes.

    One thing is for sure, these guys are smart, and will tear apart any opposition. There is a great video of Harris vs a rabbi. The rabbi stood no chance.

    Also, I had a thread before on religion that got locked and people keep wrongly saying that religion and science are two separate things. However, watch this videos. They are NOT separate, to say so is a fallacious argument, and in fact science does give insight into the whole God question. But I wont get into that, I just wanted to point it out. If you want more insight into this, watch videos or ask me for links to those videos and I will provide them.
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    I though that Harris v. Wolpe was one of Harris poorer performances, even though he came out slightly on top. Hitchens would have been better than Harris in that particular debate. Harris is more contemplating, whereas Hitchens is more direct. I like Hitchens v. McGrath, even though McGrath has one of the most dry and boring rhetorics there is. The only person worse is Dinesh D'Souza, with his constant shouting.

    I'd recomend some videos with Daniel Dennett as well such as http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3133438412578691486 [Broken].

    There are also some audio from one of his books, kinds of minds, that can be found http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-65357891158939615 [Broken]

    Religions make fact claims about the natural world. QED.
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    Precisely. (BTW, was it harris or dawkins that said that line?)

    Ill check out those links, thanks. As for Harris v. Wolpe, I think he bested wolpe. It was the Q&A that wolpe seemed to be strong.
  10. Jan 18, 2008 #9
    None of them. Both have probably discussed it at some point though.
  11. Jan 18, 2008 #10
    No, I remember in a video one made that line. Maybe it was hitchens. He said those exact words.
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    Cyrus, have you seen or read anything by the fifth horseman of the apocalypse (Victor Stenger)? I have almost finished his earlier "The Comprehensible Cosmos; Where Do The Laws of Physics Come From?". His latest book is very interesting.
  14. Jan 21, 2008 #13
    Sam Harris is a bit of an Orientophile.

    Gotta love the Dawkins, though. Anybody see "Enemies of Reason"? The part where the (I think) astrologer was lecturing him on DNA was awesome.
  15. Jan 21, 2008 #14
    It was a faith healer =)

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4720837385783230047 [Broken]
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    Yeah, Ive seen parts I and II. Also, I agree harris is into meditation, but that is part of his PhD area of research in Neurology. But I still think Harris is fantastic.
  17. Jan 21, 2008 #16
    Nah, I didn't mean just meditation. I saw one of his lectures on video, and while condemning the Judeo-Christian religions, he veers and starts praising Buddhists and the like.

    I mean, when he said "they are non-violent, yet religious" I was like "Sure, that's a great plus for them." But it just seems like he actually buys into some of the "Ancient Chinese" or what have you mystique concerning Buddhism.

    Here it is if you want to watch it (like 90 min long)

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8013281663903762676&q=sam+harris+lecture&total=32&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=0 [Broken]
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    I just remembered this is a physics forum. I can get all pissed about the guy who said physicists somehow monopolized the word "quantum". What the hell is that? I would have KTFO'ed the guy if I had been there.

    It's like saying I am eating cat, which is really pork, but veterinarians monopolized the word "cat", so that's why everybody thinks I'm crazy.
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    Oh man, that was HILARIOUS!! Did see not know see was talking to Richard Dawkins?!:confused:

    I think when he went to the Alternative Medicine Fair and saw the "Quantum Healing with the help of Angels" stand was the moment I lost all faith in humanity...again...:rofl:
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  20. Jan 21, 2008 #19


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    While I thought the Beyond Belief series was basically a 10-hour circle jerk, this video is fascinating. It's a case study rather than "well I think that god..."
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  21. Jan 22, 2008 #20
    What do you mean by 10 hour circle jerk?
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