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Beyond linear concept of time

  1. Jun 13, 2004 #1
    Beyond The Concept Of Linear Time

    Amrit Sorli, SpaceLife Institute,
    Podere Petraiole, 53012 Chiusdino (SI), Italy

    In the universe one can observe irreversible stream of change. Change A transforms into change B, B transforms into C and so on. When change B is in existence change A does not exist anymore, when change C is in existence change B does not exist anymore. On the base of elementary perception (sight) one can conclude that change run in the physical space only, there is no evidence of physical time. The “liner time that runs independently through the whole universal space” is only a concept created by Newton and do not exist as a physical reality. Ernst Mach says: "It is utterly beyond our power to measure the changes of things by time. Quite the contrary, time is an abstraction at which we arrive by means of the changes of things". (1) It seems that Einstein was aware that Newton’s time is only a concept but at the beginning of the last century was to early for such an idea. By creating the mathematical model of space-time he linked time to space knowing that one day complete fusion will happen. Here time is an integral part of the physical space. Einstein’s idea of space-time was newer well accepted. In today science and also daily life we still experience reality through Newton’s concept of linear time.
    Here the question arises: What we measure with clocks? A clock is running in the physical space only and not in time. By observing a clock we have an impression that time is running, because we experience it through the linear concept of time. Clocks are mechanisms with a constant speed of change and are a references for the speed of all change. According to General Relativity the speed of change is slower where gravitation is stronger. The experiment with high precision clocks confirm relation between speed of change and gravitation: the clocks run slower at seaside than on the top of the high mountain.
    Change are irreversible, they have no duration. When experienced through the linear concept of time it seems that they have a duration. For example: we walked five kilometres and we experienced that we walked about an hour. Comparing it with the clock we experience that we walked about an hour. We give our walk the sense of duration when we experience it through the linear concept of time. We are getting older in physical space only and not in space-time. In the physical space there is no “before”, “now” and “after”, they exist only as a parts of the linear concept of time.
    As in the universe time does not exist, there is also no “arrow of time”. The stream of change has no direction, it is constantly running in the physical space. Arrow of time belongs to the linear concept of time. That why we experience the past was before the present and the future will arrive after the present. Becoming aware that time exists only in the mind we jump directly into “timeless experience” of the world and ourselves.
    Science can not function without a linear concept of time. By accepting that change have no duration all different measurements would have no sense. To maintain scientific analytical approach we can say that time exists only as a stream of irreversible change and that with clocks we measure duration of change. (2)
    Because of the concept of past, present and future in diagrams time is mostly represented with horizontal coordinate. Here time is understood as a irreversible change and it would be more correct to represented it with a vertical coordinate. Let see diagram for one hour of walking.

    Time here means only duration of movement. Entering into timeless experience we see that the duration of movement has sense only when seen through the linear concept of time. Timeless experience is far deeper than common scientific experience. It brings knowledge about the real nature of the universe and of the man itself. To search beyond the linear concept of time awakening of consciousness is needed. Consciousness has capacity to watch the way mind functions. (3) Watching the mind brings awareness that linear time is only a concept of the mind. Physicist Julian Barbour as well as all different mystic schools say that time is an illusion.
    In timeless experience we discover that the inner space in which thoughts float and the outer space in which stars float are the same physical space. We enter into deep Oneness with the whole universe. This Oneness is the source for the great scientific discoveries and the most beautiful peaces of art.


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    Amrit Sorli

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