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Beyond minimal standard model.

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    Has anyone got good pointed in higgs models beyond the minimal? The PDG review is too small for my taste.

    From Lamb's balance, I am getting the prediction of the following particle spectra

    68 GeV. According L3, it could be H+
    Z0 as usual, and W+ as usual, almost
    115 GeV. According ALEPH, it could be any Higgs
    175 GeV. Degenerated with Top mass? Or just the Top, no new boson after all
    246 GeV. It coincides with the EW higgs field scale in the minimal model, but it should appear physically, thus as a particle.

    Does this spectrum fit with some SUSY model, using the degeneracy at 175? For complete SUSY breaking, I believe it does not fit because H+ is lower than Z0.

    A two doublets higgs model is enough for this spectrum, but is it unique? What about using triplet higgs, or two doublets plus singlet, Zee model etc? I am no risking a predition for a 45-49 GeV particle because it is weaker than the others (and I believe the Z0 experiments have already completely disproved this possibility, am I right here?), but I could try it if it results good for a triplet model or similar.

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    Just a fast note; I have uploaded in my website the working copy of the http://dftuz.unizar.es/%7Erivero/research/LS9530.pdf [Broken] about this.
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