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Beyond Stefan-Boltzmann law?

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    So I saw some papers on arXiv that explore the notion of playing around with the Stefan-Boltzmann law using metamaterials:


    I know enough physics that it looks rather interesting, but I don't know enough math to judge how credible it is, particularly since I was a little unclear if the system was actually built and tested or not. What are people's take on it?

    p.s. I put this in the Quantum Physics folder due to the Stefan-Boltzmann law ultimately being a quantum mechanical phenomenon. If a different folder would be more appropriate, feel free to move it.
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    This does not appear to have been published in a peer-reviewed journal. Also, if you can make a body radiate thermally more than a blackbody at the same temperature, then I can use that body and a blackbody to build a device that violates the second law of thermodynamics, so I'm highly doubtful that this is correct.
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