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Beyond the Realm of the Ordinary spooky!

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    I was just thinking about discussing..( think I can post here right?)
    weird stuff..such as
    ghosts and other strange things....(supernatural category)

    I've had strange happenings in my life...

    how about you???

    I'm partial to the subject but I know there are skeptics out there...

    ex. of strange..Premonitions:
    It's been discussed on a tv show that people have come up with the idea that it is a parallel world of tommorow and we somehow get mixed with it sometimes thus people get these visions....

    Anyone have any opinion on this??
    (I don't know if it's been discussed before)
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    It's a very interesting topic, but I don't think it's helped by the number of people who make these things up to either make some money, or to make a name for themselves. Personally, I don't believe in things like this, especially premonitions or seeing into the future. For example, the number of dreams (day and night) that people have is so large that some of them are bound to come true.

    Still though, there have been a couple of incidents that I've read about (I can't remember exact specifics) that made me think twice, but as a whole I don't believe. However, we don't really know how weird and wonderful the world in which we live could be!
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    oh...the reason I say this but did not mention anything is b/c I've actually had premonitions...they've actually happened..
    (I'm speaking about just standing there and getting a glimse of stuff not dreams..there are different forms of premonitions)

    And I've had some ghost encounters as well such as a music box playing on it's own..but it's never happened again...

    and the ghost encounter (one of them) is where I heard this dead dog growling at me, it's nails click on the tile kitchen floor, and it's chain slide across the same floor...
    all one after another...

    I spoke to the dead dog's owner who surprisingly believed me and told me the dog was heard howling at night....

    I'm not making money off this so...
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    There is a thread about this in Skepticism and Debunking right now.


    If people can actually get accurate visions of the future (I'm not saying they can, just stipulating for the sake of argument), then science has not yet figured out how it happens. As you'll see from that thread, the main problem is that such reports concern fleeting ocurrences that can't be repeated and studied and experimented with to determine how they happen. It can't even be proven that such things authentically happen at all.

    Any speculative explanation, like the parallel worlds one you mention, is a pure flight of fancy: someone trying to suggest that science has laid the foundations of an explanation when it hasn't at all. This has become a big problem with quantum physics:


    You aren't trying to make money off of anyone, but there are plenty of people who will try to make money off of you being "partial" to the subject. They want to sell you books and CD's and crystal pendulums and want you to watch their shows.

    Bear in mind that EVERY show you see on TV is trying to sell you something, even if it isn't an infomercial. Shows are designed to collect enough of an audience to sell commercial time to whoever wants to buy it. Laundry detergent manufacturers are interested in people who believe in ghosts, for example, because those people also do laundry and can be exposed to the commercials while watching the plumbers go through a house with their equipment to debunk a few noises but still find that one strange thing they can't exactly explain so the audience of people who are "partial" is hooked enough to come back next time, and see more commercials.

    It is, indeed, in the interest of business to foster and cater to any audience to whom they might sell something. Contact with the future by means of parallel worlds sounds plausibly scientific, even though it holds no more water than a Star Trek plot, so they throw the idea around to hook people who are predisposed to like an such idea.
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    Well so I guess it doesn't belong here..=(
    Oh well..I tried to come up with something unique...

    I know about the general unpredictability of the premonitions however I've not had them after starting school especially college...uses too much of my energy I assume so there isn't any left for that supernatural stuff...

    Oo I know that many try to make money off this stuff...kinda why I go and read the book at the library where I don't have to pay for it.. ;)
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