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Beyond WKB

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    If in 1-D the WKB wave and energy quantization are:

    [tex] \Psi (x) = e^{iS(x)/\hbar} [/tex] and [tex] \oint_C dq p =2\pi (n+1/2) \hbar [/tex]

    My question is what happens with more than one dimension ?? (many body system or 3-D system), what happens with QFT ?? i know that as an analogy you could always put the WKB wavefunction in the form:

    [tex] \Psi [\phi] = e^{iS[\phi]/\hbar} [/tex]

    but what happens with the energies??..i know this must/can be used when delaing Semiclassical Quantum Gravity won't it ??
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