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Bias and Non-Bias Sputtering

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    Hi, I would like to know when deposition using DC sputtering, bias play a role in plasma build-up, but with bias applied and without bias applied, still obtain the same thickness of thin film layer, what actually the differences between bias and without bias during DC sputtering? Thanks.
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    Is the film structure the same in both cases? Did you do imaging? It depends on what material you're working with.
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    the target source is the same in both cases, no imaging done, if it depend on what material i used, how should i know whether with bias or without bias will be appropriate?
    i am using XRF measurement to obtain the thickness of layer. thanks.
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    It depends what you are trying to do or reproduce. The same material can be bias sputtered or not, and each way may have its application. If you have no reason to bias, then don't complicate things for no purpose. Find litterature on your matarial and application, and see whether there is an advantage to biasing in your case. Google "bias substrate sputtering" for sample papers.
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