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Biased Moderation of Threads

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    It has come to my attention that certain threads are deleted by moderators even if they contain proper citations. I was paying attention a thread regarding white and East Asian relationships in the General Discussion when it was deleted. I then found the same revised thread, with citations, pop-up in sociology. The thread mentioned that it was revised because of fear of deletion. I checked again today to see if anything new was posted in that thread and I found it to be deleted and the OP's name "animalcroc" crossed out (which means user is no longer here?).
    Are these type of intellectually stimulating threads (with sources) bring disdain in some moderator(s)?
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    The threads were definitely not intellectually stimulating.

    The citations in the original thread were not necessarily proper, and the threads in general violated the guidelines.
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    Depends what the sources were. If they are considered unreliable then of course the thread will be deleted. There is no point discussing subjects that are based on things that are not true. Claims and statements must be backed up properly.
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    Animalcroc, coming back as a sockpuppet after being banned is not allowed.
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