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Bible code

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    Isn't it true that you can find all sorts of historical accounts of events by keywords that were taken by equidistant letter spacings of almost any text? For example: watergate, who is he?, president, but he will be kicked out. Ya know, things like that, found by equidistant letter spacings that form a matrix and then it's like a word find game. You should be able to find things like this which describe almost all the events in history by someone who is willing to believe that those keywords actually describe specific events in history. What if you take Stephen King's It, and analyzed it by the same methods of the bible code, you're bound to find coincidences like (terrorist attack, twin towers, they both fall) stuff like that right? Has anyone tried to show this?
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    I think someone found some doomsday interpretations in "A Tale of Two Cities". Not sure why this is in S&D though...
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    I've heard that there is software you can download to do this with various texts (Moby Dick is a favorite), but I've never actually looked for any.
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