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Bicycle frames

  1. Dec 21, 2004 #1
    hey, im doing a survey for my bike alarm. How thick is the biggest frames on your bike, and how thick is the smallest frame? a reply would be very helpful. Thanks
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    Thick as in the metal inside a frame? On my bike, a very thick street bike (stunt/bmx whatever you want to call it), it is .049 throughout. And that is thick! The frame weighs more than 8lbs (for a 20in bike) I would say your standard bike is .035 or less throughout, probably less for a cheap mountain bike.
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    He's attaching an alarm to one of the tubes of your frame, Matt. He doesn't care what the wall thicknesses are. He needs to know what the outside tube diameters are.
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    lol, ok thats what I thought originally, but I thought that information was easy to get.
    My frame:
    top tube and down tube are 1.5"
    seat tube is 1"
    downtubes (rear triangle) 3/4"
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