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BiCycle Wood Cutter

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    I and few of my pals are making a project.

    A circular blade woodcutter saw powered by bicycle pedalling for cost effective design for rural people where electricity is a problem..........
    We plan to cut Logs with it.....and their cross section can be random.........

    Using a big circular blade.

    Now how much large diameter blade is available and can be handled easily with manual paddling from an average man?

    Please elaborate your suggestion.
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    What are your thoughts and calculations so far? Is this a school project?

    I'd suggest that you start off by finding out how much power it takes to cut wood in a reasonable time (what horsepower rating do small chainsaws have?), and compare that to what a good bicyclist can put out for a few minutes at a time.

    Although, I guess we can cut logs reasonably well by hand, so it shouldn't be too much different to do it with a bicycle drive....
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