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Bicycles problems

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    Hi everybody,

    I'm new to this forum. I came here cause I need some help for my school project. If anybody can help me, I apreciate it allot.

    The bicycle problem (now i think about it, bicycle can also be replaced by boat, plane or any other moving object):

    The bicycle makes a turn of 180 degrees. And still has a large percentage (depending on radius, speed etc.) of its initial speed. I imagine the answer to be very simple but my little head just won't get it.

    Also, for the same project I need to understand gyroscopes (the bicycle wheels) better. If somebody could explain this to me, or send a handy link it will also be much apreciated. However I think I'll search the forums a bit for that last one.

    Thanks in advance, Jir
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    What makes the bicycle turn 180 degrees? If you go around a banked curve, then the curve is exerting a force on you that changes your momentum.
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    Just the steering wheel and you who leans a bit to the left or right. For the rest the road is perfectly straight, horizontal and flat. I have already found out why the bike maintains its balance while going in circles.
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