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Bicylce Problem

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    A cyclist starts from rest and pedals such that the wheels of his bike have a constant angular acceleration. After 10.0 s, the wheels have made 54 rev. What is the angular acceleration of the wheels? Use units of "rad/s\^{}2".

    If the radius of the wheel is 36.0 cm, and the wheel rolls without slipping, how far has the cyclist traveled in 10.0 s?
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    Melissa, I'm not being rude, but if you want help then you're going to have to post your thoughts on how to answer the questions you've been set. People here will be more than willing to help you out if you show us your working, and explain where you've got stuck. Copying out nine homework questions and expecting people to answer them for you isn't the way things work here.

    Tell us your thoughts (as well as the questions!) and if you're genuinely stuck (rather than lazy) then you'll get all the help you need. For more information, read the post which says "read this before posting".

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    1) [itex]w=w_o + at[/itex]

    where [itex]w_o[/itex] = 0

    The wheel has made 54 rev in 10 seconds , that means wheel rotates with w= 2 pie F
    Calculate w from here and put it in above expressions.

    You should first refer to your textbook with thorough reading of the basics before posting direct questions based on formulae.
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