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Big bang theory question

  1. Jan 26, 2008 #1
    Hey everyone,
    I was having a debate with my friend recently about the big bang theory and it's possible philosophical interpretations.

    My first question was regarding this, my friend mentioned that the big bang could be tied in to various philisophical/mystical interpretations of unity. As I am somewhat skeptical of these things I had a lengthy debate, and he seems to make a good point, but I don't know if we are simply coming to a conclusion because of lack of understanding of the material.

    Essentially the position was that the big bang created all the matter present in the beginning of the universe which is the same matter that is in our bodies now (taking into account conversion of matter to different forms (he mentioned the law of conservation of mass), and different bondings and such of atoms). The conclusion being that we are essentially the stuff that the big bang was made of, making us all essentially parts of the larger thing that is the whole universe.

    Example of this would be considering the big bang as a giant ball, and then shattering into a million peices (obviously simplified) and each of those little peices being one of us.Making us composed of and essentially one with everything else in the universe (since we all came from that same ball).

    Is this a logical philosophical interpretation or have we overlooked a key component, and has our oversimplification taken away from the facts of the matter ( pun intended :rofl: )
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