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Big Bang & Time

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    Time was created at big bang.

    Science says, Nothing can happen without time.


    How did bigbang happen, when there was no time prior to it.
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    Where does science say that?
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    We don't know how the big bang happened. We don't even know if the big bang was a real event or just a result of our incomplete knowledge of physics at the energies and densities of the very early universe.
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    Please give examples, where science doesn't say that.

    By the way, counter questioning is not a good way to satisfy somebody's curiosity.
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    Then can it be said that all science basically deals with the supernatural/unknown/unknowable, given the present status of knowledge regarding the origin of our universe?
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    No, this is not how this forum works. If you make the statement, then you need to back that up. So please provide references where science says something like that.

    This is like I'm accusing you of beating your wife, you saying no and then me asking to prove that you didn't. It's not correct. The burden of proof would be on me, not on you.

    And counterquestioning is a perfectly valid technique. I don't really see what's wrong with it. He just asked you to clarify your position, how is that a bad thing.

    So please provide an example where science says anything like you implied in the OP.
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    I have no idea how you came to the conclusion that science deals with the supernatural. The universe exists and is (by definition almost) natural.

    It's true that science deals with the unkown. That's the very nature of science, to try to know more about the world!
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    I am not a scientist who is debating something, i am a layman and i think this forum is for everyone. If not, do tell me.

    As regards counterquestioning, it should be used in professional debates only. To go by your logic, nugatory should ask me the following questions also.

    1. Who says time was created at big bang?

    2. Where does science say, big bang happened?

    3. Give the definition of time first.

    This way, no discussion can proceed.
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    When science says ( now don't ask me where it says so) that, in principle we cannot know below the plank level, the unknown does become the supernatural.
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