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Big bang Universe origin

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    I'm just thinking that the fabric of space reminds me of oil on water in my kitchen sink. If the universe itself started in an equilibrium and a random force bounced in to this substance just like adding your favorite dish soap to the water. the oil automatically starts to gather create eddies swirl pushing it self out to the edges... the elements of our universe pushing and pulling away from each other bunching up in some areas and creating our nebula's etc.

    Now we understand that the universe is expanding but what if we could travel to the edge of this expansion what would we find? this goo of potential energy just waiting to start moving???

    I just never heard of this kind of idea b4 and I thought it might be easier to explain mathematically. The closer you get to the big bang(starting disturbance) in terms of time.

    OK just something for you to think about. Please feed back why it's possible or not.
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    The universe does not have any "edge".

    It would be wise to read up on this stuff so that you can ask meaningful quesions.

    The FAQs in the Cosmology section are a very good place to start.
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    not edge per se but don't we see the expansion of the universe as a cone keep the model and look at it in terms of the furthest point of expansion. what would we find....
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    No, you are missing the point. There IS NO "furthest point of expansion". That's the same thing as a edge. There isn't one. Do some reading on the basics.

    By the way, welcome to the forum and please don't take my statements as overly harsh. This is not really a forum for the thinskinned, and you really DO need to do some reading on the basics.
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