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Big Bang vs Big Collision?

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    Big Bang vs Big Collision??

    I was watching Parallel Universes on the Science Channel the other night and they presented a theory where multiple Universes or Branes in the 11th Dimension collided and created our own Universe or Brane. Apparently the collision between two Universes creates another brane. Did I understand that correctly? Any thoughts?
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    Forget it!
    The more u will indulge the more u will get :grumpy: .So,collision of branes results in big bang :surprised and that in the universe . these branes keep colliding and how many times i don't know the next time as per predicament is 26 billion years from now so don't worry and keep on studying Mischio Kaku's "Parallel Universes",it will help u clear ur doubts more effeciently than i can.
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