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Big Bang vs Big Crunch

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    Let us suppose that there is no largest space or no smallest space as it relates to the universe. If this were the case it would be impossible for you to determine which direction the universe was heading.You would always see an infinite amount of space ahead of you
    and the space between objects always growing.
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    The universe isn't "heading" anywhere. It IS expanding. Since it is almost certainly either infinite or unbounded, yes you DO always see infinite space ahead of you.

    I don't understand your concepts of "largest space" and "smallest space". What do you mean?
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    Robert nies, Welcome to Physics Forums!

    Normally people post questions here about science and members provide guidance and or answers. Of course, some only make comments on a particular discovery, experimental result, or planned experiment. Those commentators always need to include references so others can study up on the subject before they can make their contributions.

    You have posted three statements with no background reference. Your terms (largest space, smallest space, the direction the universe is moving, see an infinite amount of space in front of you) are not commonly used, so for me it is impossible to get your meaning.

    Will you please explain the connection between the title of your post “Big Bang vs Big Crunch” and your statements?

    Thank you,
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