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Big Bang

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    The big bang occured after a singularity evaporated, correct? All that there was in the universe was "in" the singularity. So there was no space for the singularity to have curved. :confused:
    Also, when space time is curved, in what direction is it curved? or is that relative to the observer?
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    Taking just the first question: we *cannot* know, yet, even in principle, what happened in the first Planck time (~10-43 sec), because our two most successful theories (QFT and GR) are inconsistent in this regime. This means, among other things, that we do not know if there was a singularity, or something else entirely. It also means that you and me and everyone else is free to speculate as much as we like about what happened; the only 'constraints' are that at the end of this period, our speculative universe is consistent with both QFT and GR.
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