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Big bang

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    Where did the initial particles or forces that were apart of the big bang come from, because they had to come from somewhere inorder for it to happen. Is there another theory for that?

    Also I keep reading a lot of stuff about how time was created then. I always thought that time was just something for humans to make sense and organize things into. I thought that the universe does not no time and does not care about it because we invented it. Is this true that time doesnt really exist technically.
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    BB didn't have a cause. The universe just is.
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    This is what is considered the beginning of the universe. There was no space and time before this event. Quite a few consider this as being 'god' or even yet, god created the big bang. Kind of a philosopihical question if I may add.

    Maybe a few sources of where you read this?
    Time did not exist prior to the big bang as there was no space for it to govern. If man invented time, then why is it that all matter tends to 'feel' and react to the changes in the space around them? This is what I consider time; not a clock that watches the seconds go by, but the fact that we can are born, interact with the environment, and finally die.
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    If time does not exist without us here to invent it, then that means nothing existed or happend prior to 47 years ago when I came into existance and started observing things... somehow I just dont think so. For any event to happen, a time period is required and things were certainly happening since the uninverse first started expanding untill life on earth became sentient enough to be aware of anything. So I think time is real regardless of whether humans exist to observe it or not. Perhaps the universe is it's own observer. Reminds me of Shroedingers cat. Who is the observer?
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    ok so what instigated the big bang to happen or whatever happened to create our universe.
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    Time clearly existed before us we didn't "invent" it. but, time can't just have been the creation of the universe that doesn't make sense for that to be true time just would have begun at one random point in... what? I mean time had to exist before the universe began for this to be true, but how can something exist in an absence of nothing lol, It's very clear that almost nothing can exist how we see it using any methods known to man today, think about it how can something exist in the first place D: it's so confusing, and time just makes it worse.
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