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Big bang

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    I am having problem with understanding the concept of big bang theory. Actually I don't believe in the theory. How can we say that this universe was formed because of a big explosion? We can't answer the question what happened before that.
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    To the best of my knowledge (which is hardly good but anyway), it doesn't say anything about what happened before happenings could happen. ie, it doesn't claim the universe was formed 'because' of a big explosion.
    More like, the first moments of the universe (from what we can observe now) looked like an explosion, localized somewhere.
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    To add to Jerbearrrrr's comment,

    Dont think of the big bang as what 'created' the universe. The big bang theory describes how the universe has progressed over time. As we go back in time the theory states the universe gets smaller and more dense. The big bang theory makes absolutely no claim as to what 'created' the universe, what existed 'before' the bang, or what 'caused' the bang. There is no evidence for any of that, so there is no theory for it.
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