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Big Bang

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    Any recommendations on easy to read books about The Big Bang.

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    There aren't too many books on the very instant of the Big Bang itself (if there was one); there are some about Big Bang cosmology, which is about early universe and its subsequent expansion. Which were you looking for?
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    the later

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    Well, the classic (but outdated) book is The First Three Minutes, which (as the title implies), concentrates on the first three minutes after the Big Bang. The very early universe is also treated in The Inflationary Universe, by Guth. I've heard some people like The Whole Shebang by Ferris, but I've never read it myself.
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    John Gribbin's "Big Bang" is a good book on big bang
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    I'm currently reading The Inflationary Universe. It's completely excellent.
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    "The Big Bang" by Joseph Silk is geared for a popular audinece, it is proabably one of the most challenging books for a non-technical audince but it is also by far and away the most comphrehensive.
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