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Big Bounce Question

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    I was just thinking about this the other day and wanted to run it by someone.. what do you think about there being a big bounce, and for the universe to unfold exactly the same way, every time for eternity? e.g. I've lived this life infinite times.. and will infinitely more.. Wouldn't any big bounce theory have this as a logical result? For it to happen differently every time, wouldn't there have to be some sort of an influence outside of the universe?
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    Simon Bridge

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    Welcome to PF;
    You seem to be talking about a cyclic Universe which evolves exactly the same way on each cycle.
    In which case, how would you tell the difference between this and a one-shot Universe?

    There are also philosophic questions about the "you" that lives each identical life ... as well as the problem of free-will.

    For a cyclic universe to evolve differently each time would require only small variations in the initial conditions on each cycle. This is amply provided for in quantum-scale uncertainties. There is no need to postulate some external force or being ... which would, anyway, beg the question of how that force or being got it's ability to "decide" to change things for each cycle.
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