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Big Crunch Revisited?

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    Hello World.

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    I am a bit of a novice to be honest but I reckeon it doesn't make any odds whether or not it is accelerating or slowing down the Big Crunch is inevitable?... because the way I see it is if all the Galaxies harbour a Super Masssive Black Hole at their center that is slowly devouring this host then eventually we will have a Universe that only consists of Colossal Black Holes that have swallowed all the space and matter out of their host Galaxy.
    And what else will there be for them to feed on but their nieghbours and eventally they will all colide and everything willeat itself. All the Matter and the space it ocupied and the time associted with it. Sounds like ripe conditions for another bang and then we draw another big black breath. Surly this could be modelled to find out.

    What does anyone think? mad/plausable
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    Welcome to PF.

    Black holes are not some cosmic vacuum cleaners. They don't suck things in, they act as any other massive object with gravity works, when you are at a distance from them. So the stars in the galaxy will just keep orbiting the black holes in the center of our galaxy until the stars all burn out.
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    Here's a Wikipedia article on the subject that you might be interested to read.
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    Thanks for the advice.
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