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Big Crunch

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    After the Big Crunch, will the universe or multiverse support Life?
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    Well, considering that it is a Big "Crunch" and that the universe will have shrunken down to a point that all known physics disintegrates, I'd say no.
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    Then what about Tachyons?
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    I'm honestly not sure what those kinds of particles would have to do with the collapse of an entire universe.
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    I guess,Nothing! But there must be something like Tachyons having v=c... Right?
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    Tachyons are particles where the case of [itex] v > c [/itex] always applies. Their velocities are always faster than [itex] c [/itex] and they are forbidden from traveling any slower.
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    Oh Yeah, I forgot that... Sorry :)
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    If they exist, they exist within the universe, and if there's a Big Crunch, the universe ends, along with everything within it. So the answer to your question remains "no", as Lambdaenergy said.
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    Let me venture a guess. You think of the tachyons as having space-like world lines. And since the final singularity of the big crunch is space-like it might contain space-like curves i.e. tachyons. But the singularity is not part of space-time so the answer is no.
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    Thank you all for your answers! It helped me a lot... :D
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