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Big Decision!

  1. Jun 14, 2012 #1
    Hello all,

    I am in an interesting situation. I am currently a pre-junior mechanical engineering major at Drexel University, but I attend their satellite campus at Burlington County Community College Campus. Thus far I am doing very well with a 3.88 GPA. Doing so has led me to investigate their BSMS program. The BSMS allows you to earn you BA and MS simultaneously. The beauty of the program is some of the Master's credits count towards the BA requirements, enabling you to finish in only 6 extra months of class time. Of course you have to be accepted into it, and I just got the Graduate Director's signature of approval.

    To take advantage of this great opportunity I would need to transfer from Burlington County Campus to Drexel's main campus in Philadelphia.

    Here are some of the obvious benefits.
    For an extra 6 months of school and 6 months of co-op(which I will be paid) I will recieve a MS in stead of a BS.
    More elective options on main campus versus satelite
    The college Charges you only the BS(Main campus rate) while you are in school. The BCC rate is $8,000 a year less.

    My concerns.
    My program at BCC is very small, it is like a cohort and everybody works together. Main campus is a much different atmosphere.
    Because the BCC program is so small it only runs the classes you need once a year, so if you miss it you have to wait until next year.
    This would mean if I left I pretty much can't come back.
    The big concern is will I get in over my head taking Grad classes this early in my education?

    Also I should note that this is my second degree(first one no relevance Political Science, long story) and once I am done I don't plan to go back later, which is a big push in the direction of the BSMS.

    If anyone has done a BSMS or has been in a similar situation please give me some feedback


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