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Medical Big Headedness (Literally)

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    Alright folks, here I am, and here it comes. I have a big head. Not like, arrogance wise, but physically my skull is rather larger. I'm 14 and it's about 22 or 23 inches all the way around. My friends, this is kinda funny, like to think of it as a basketball. Because when they put their hands on the top of my head, they're finger tips are barely touching the side. But when I try the same thing on them, it's the opposite. I'm wondering - why. It's the the opinion of almost every "adult" I talk to, that I'm very intelligent (More in the realms of philosophy, and physics) and mature for my age. So, does have a MASSIVE head make a difference? If not, why is it so dang large?!
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    Though it'd be nice to think so, head-size has nothing to do with intelligence.

    It's just a fluke of genes. Are you the only big-header in your family?
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    Using different hands to measure different heads will surely skew the measurement.
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    My head is 22 inches in circumference. I'm 5'7" and 180 lbs.

    Try setting up a poll of head circumference. I bet the ansers will surprise you.
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    I'm the only big header in my immediete family. I have the biggest head of almost anyone I know... -_-'
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    How many have you measured with a tape measure?
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    When was your last physical? If you are due for one you can ask your doctor to measure your head and get their opinion on your perceived macrocephaly.
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