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Big idea with donny deutsch

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    My god, is it just me or has every single episode of this guys show lately been about child predators??!?!!?

    Kinda scary to think theres so many perverts out there.... or well, am i allowed to call them perverts? Not "misunderstood"?
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    who is this nobody you refer to?
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    He's smurf!:tongue2:
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    whats a smurf?
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    I don't know what's it exactly! But it could be useful for thread hijacking anyway. :uhh:
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    Don't you jerks ever get your daily dose of american empirialist propoganda?
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    Who is this bozo anyways?
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    a few shows ago it was about meth and the guests were dog the bounty hunter and stephanie from full house

    donny deutsch is the head of a huge NY advertising company, he now has a nighttime talk show
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    He sounds like a real looser to me.
  11. Feb 17, 2006 #10
    it's an ok show really
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    He sounds like a real loser to me. I guess now I know who Danny Deuotch its.
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    What are you talking about MK?
  14. Feb 17, 2006 #13
    I'm asleep, is this about David Deutsch?
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    First, I vote that CNBC changes the name to Donny Douche. It'd at least be funnier.

    Second, I had a religion and psychology teacher who gave a good lecture one day about how the subjects that people find important to discuss, denounce, whatever, are also the subjects that they themselves are conducting a sort of internal debate about: ie, if I bring up a debate on tax policy, more than likely it's because I've been thinking about taxes and the like recently. In the same sense, he said that he's always been a little unnerved by preachers who focused on strongly denouncing the sins of things like child sex, youthful lust, and wickedness - not because he necessarily disagreed with their points, but because they seemed to him to be settled issues and sorta superfluous. He said a case in point was when that one TV preacher got busted with child pornography or something in the 80s, after repeatedly spending a large portion of his focus on youthful lust. I dont remember the incident, but anyway, it seems funny that this issue of child predation and child molestation should begin to appear so frequently on the news (from Nancy Grace, to Bill O'reilly, to Donny Deutsch). It makes you wonder, who out there is this resonating with - clearly somebody. A news anchor, even? Probably not. But someone out there's sure eating this stuff up.

    If you met a person who spent half of his conversation saying things like "molesting children is wrong! molesting children is wrong", wouldn't it be reasonable to assume that this idea's crossed his mind in some way or another?

    Just a thought...
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    The theory sounds fine, but most news anchors and talk show hosts don't control their content alone. Each show has many writers and producers. Also new anchors ramble off like 20 stories a day so they must be thinking about quite alot according to your theory.
  17. Feb 18, 2006 #16
    And since we know that it is rarely that news anchors ever think, it looks like the theory, in this particular case, has been invalidated.
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