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Courses Big math course load?

  1. Jul 20, 2011 #1
    Hello, for my next year I will be taking the following math courses:

    first semester:
    differential equations ( honours version )
    "advanced calculus" ( spivak's calculus on manifolds course )
    complex analysis
    algebra ( groups, rings, fields )

    second semester:

    continuing the spivak course
    continuing algebra
    combinatorical methods ( obviously a combinatorics type course )

    Do you think this is too heavy a course load for me? I feel like I'd be able to handle it.. but what will happen come exam period?

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    While the courses seem pretty heavy in terms of the subject material it is still only 4 courses. Usually a full courseload is 5 per semester. As long as you devote enough time to your courses I don't see there being a problem.
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    What year are you? Don't waste all your fun classes in one semester.
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    Only you know if you can handle it. Hopefully you won't have all your exams on exactly the same days. Come finals week, you will just be studying a lot of math.
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    This sounds like a full course load. Make sure the prereqs work out though. In my university, you could only take complex analysis after real analysis. But if your prereqs only demand a knowledge of calculus, then it's ok.

    Your courses will be quite complimentary, which is a good thing. You will work with line integrals in both the complex analysis course as the calculus on manifolds course. So those theories reinforce eachother.

    Algebra is easy if you're familiar with proofs. And differential equations also shouldn't pose much of a problem.

    Your courseload is certainly not too heavy, maybe it is even a bit on the light side (certainly second semester, where you only take 3 courses).
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    thank you for your input! the courses I've listed there would be my math courses only, I would have to take elective( s ) as well.

    the complex analysis course doesn't list real analysis as a pre-requisite, but it lists the advanced calculus course as one. From what I've heard, the pre-requisites aren't very accurate though, and I should be fine with enough "mathematical maturity"
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    I think this seems like a decent final schedule:

    first semester:
    first semester of calculus on manifolds
    honours differential equations
    first semester of algebra ( the full course is also called groups, rings, fields. includes galois theory too )
    first semester of "material culture" ( for social science breadth requirement )

    second semester:
    second semester of calculus on manifolds
    second semester of algebra
    combinatorial methods ( this class might be tough, it's a 4th year course and it is a small class )
    second semester of "material culture" ( for social science breadth requirement )

    This way, I can be in three math courses each semester, while my breadth course sits evenly on both semesters ( I will need a full year of breadth, so this should work okay )

    I dropped complex analysis out of the picture, because if I had kept it, I would have 5 courses in one semester ( which would be pretty hectic ). I would take it in the second semester instead of combinatorial methods, but it's unfortunately only offered in the first semester. I also want to have as much time as possible to actually soak in the courses, so I don't burn out and appreciate the material fully.
    How does this sound? Not pushing myself hard enough?

    thank you
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